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September is not summer's swan song

Alissa Rosenstein - Monday, August 29, 2016
September is not summer's swan song

Photo courtesy of Alissa Rosenstein.

Labor Day is this weekend, and summer will soon transition into fall, but don’t let that get you down. September does not have to be summer’s swan song – there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy here at Rehoboth Beach. As locals and visitors alike realize, the ninth month is the best month – hands down. (Don’t believe us? Remember the last two months of sweltering heat and humidity and heat indexes in the 110s? Yeah, we thought so.)

Listen, we know some of you have mixed feelings towards splendid September, but you should embrace it wholeheartedly, giving it the affection it so deserves. Smaller crowds and comfy weather are top reasons for dishing out the love, but don’t forget, once Labor Day is behind us, the parking is free – WOOT! And there are still plenty of fun events taking place all month long.

Your fave beach activities can continue as the beaches remain guarded through mid-month. Restaurants and shops are open for business (actually, most stay open year-round). The Jolly Trolley runs and most amusement facilities are open on the weekends. And of course parks, trails, and water sports are accessible for all the outdoor enthusiasts (and we all know that nature never takes a vacation, so these outdoor activities are also a year round treat).

So don’t get weepy as the summer season transitions into marvelous September and the start of autumn. Pack your bags and come on down - just make sure to throw a heavier sweater in your beach bag and enjoy the waning days of the season.

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