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Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk offers something for everyone

Alissa Rosenstein - Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk offers something for everyone

Photo courtesy of Alissa Rosenstein.

Rehoboth Beach’s charming boardwalk is one of it’s best attractions. Edged by wide-ranging shops, restaurants, and amusements, the boardwalk is one of the main reasons Rehoboth Beach was ranked among the top east coast beaches for families, great coastal boardwalks, and best boardwalks in America. Throughout the year it is the backdrop for festivals, events, and fitness competitions. It is also the ideal place for a daily stroll or a casual bike ride.

Break out your kicks and start your day with an early morning walk on the boards (true early birds can bask in a glorious ocean sunrise). The boardwalk is one mile long, so go the distance and back and you’ll get a decent walking workout under your belt. While the middle of the boardwalk is buzzing with activity, the residential south end is quite serene allowing the beauty of the dunes to quietly stand out.

The boardwalk never disappoints as far as fun and entertainment are concerned. As the day progresses, the action increases and you will find yourself inundated with options - dining, drinks, shopping, and of course, Funland, where there are rides, games, and arcades for kids of all ages. Challenge the kids to mini golf. Try not to lose your lunch on the FreeFall or SuperFlip. Get spooked at the Haunted Mansion. Go ahead, take a chance and win that 6-foot stuffed giraffe. Next winter when it is staring at you from the corner of the playroom, you’ll remember the warm summer night you played Whack-A-Mole for an entire hour to win it!

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